chao jimengnan  

OTO Chaojimengnan(Chao Jimengnan)


OTO is the Trademark of Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan) series products including tablet, capsule, powder and honey balls.

As the manufacture of Chaojimengnan series in China, OTO logo has been printed on the box of products and later on we will carve the OTO logo into the tablets to let more customers to remember our trademark, and this been the traditional market plan.

A lot of people are curious why we want to make “OTO” as our trademark, basically It is not for special meaning. Because OTC stands for “Over The Counter”, when one medicine marked OTC medicine, that means patient can buy this products directly from the pharmacy shop without the prescription.

Chao jimengnan is not OTC medicine, It is registered as Natural Food supplement in China. So we emphasis “OTO” as our trademark to show buying ChaoJimengnan tablet or capsule, you don’t need any prescription from the doctor, and Chao jimengnan is natural herbal food supplement.

So this is the reason why we emphasis OTO as our trademark, and this trademark has generally passed down for years, and right now every style of Chao Jimengnan series will be printed OTO on the carton box.

Hope you would like to know more about Chao jimengnan……