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Chaojimengnan Dramatic story

This is the original story that the customer tell us, and this french customer wrote one E-mail to us about one year ago. In the E-mail he told us his story with chaojimengnan and we just make some revision on this story to protect the customer's confidential and we want to let more people to share about this story.

Here is the content of the E-mail (some letters are not English but french, we are trying to translate)

"Hello sir or madam, I hope you can receive and read this Mail. cause I need to express my appreciate to your product, Chaojimengnan which has changed my life 6 months ago. God! I hope you can read this E-mail"

"Half an years ago, It is July 6,2008 I remember clearly that night. It is that night my wife take all my money off and leave me one paper on the desk "I can't live together with you any longer,christ, I will leave this country... and look for my own life, forgive me,please!", I opened a clothes retail store in the Fifth road and run a living by selling women's brassier, Is this funny? No, I am a man and I have to live my life. and I known my girlfriend for almost 5 years"

She was called Jenny and she appears in my life 5 years ago, and I fall in love with her and we run the retail shop together for 5 years, I don't quite remeber how many sex we have made but she seems never satisfied, and she was very hungry every time..... God, I love her, and today she takes everything I have and leave this city, leave this country.

All I have in my pocket is the 179 €, the only idea i have in mind is how to die........ Because I didn't feel how important this woman to me daily, but she leave me and when I am drinking the Beer finally I found I am the one who lost and I can't recovery again.

I even lost the confident to continue live like a man..... God, everytime Jenny is complaining on sex, It is short time, sometimes he make fun of me that telling my penis works like cigarette....This is the reason why she leaves..... I don't know, but this happens........

I take enough beer that night and make me drank and don't know anything... Before I died, I need to make one time sex, and maybe I can even die in having sex, this is the perfect lifetime for one men, Maybe!!!

I went to one pharmacy shop and ask "you have sex exhancement?" I say loudly, "yes, Viagra,cialis, levitra" which one you like? There is one young girl in the counter.

"Do you have prescription from Doctor?" the young girl asked
"what hell is the precription? what is the fUCK prescription use?" I am very angry that time
"OK, try this one please, you don't need prescription, It is chaojimengnan,10 European,please", God, I don't know, but I get something that changed my life, that is this pills, chaojimengnan.

You will never know what had happened next........

Ok, I am not running everything... I take the pills,and then find a young lady on the street, and pay her all the rest 150 € to have sex. She lead me to his apartment, take off her clothes and fuck her like fucking my girlfriend. firstly the girl asked me to insert and pull quick, and even she pretend to groan I know that, but I didn't stop and have sex with more strength, I don't know why but I feel my wholebody is strenghten and I become the superman that night, I behave like a genetlemen and asked her do yon need more strength, do you need me to carry you to the heaven?

God! I find myself totally different that night, that is the real Christ, that is me; I have sex with the girl almost 30 mintues, and when I take my penis out, and I find the girl has already immersed in the sex climax that I have brought to her, look at her face, I find my confident has came back to me which has hidden almost 30 years.

When I put on my clothes and leave, the girl said "Hey,man; Here is the money giving back to you, 150€. I don't charge this time, you are the first man to push me to the climax, thank you, christ; If you need me,please come back some times......... "

At that moment, I even cried. I am a strong man and I don't want to die, I have my life to carry on, there is a lot of exciting things to do in the world, I take the 150 € and leave.

Guess what, In the End It is Chaojimengnan that help me to recovery form the figure that I am a loser, and chaojimengnan prints the sunshine in my life. Now I am a boss of stationery store in France and running my business and I have 4 pretty young girls working for me, and I am happier than ever before.

Thank you, Chaojimengnan.



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