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Why Chaojimengnan didn't have side effect?


We have been running chaojimengnan business for more than 7 years and we are the first company that introducing Herbal enhancement conception to worldwide, everytime when we introduce Chaojimengnan as the first one "NO side effect herbal enhancement" to our foreign customer, they will ask directly--"Hey, Are you sure you are saying that chaojimengnan doesn't have any side effect? I have never heared of this before, Is that just your conception?"

That is not just our conception, that is the miracle of traditional chinese medicine. About thousands of years ago before the birth of western medicine, It is the herbal medicine ruling the medical field. When people get Injuried, we can pick up some special herbs to stop the bleeding; when people get cold, we can boil the red sugar and ginger soup to get rid of the cold; and after long time's calculation, finally Chinese traditional medicine has generated many famous herbal prescription for special disease which is working effective and basically no side effect.

Western grows in the western medical environment from very young and they never heared of Chinese traditional medicine before, and even some western doctor think TCM is more like unscientific wizardry, but In fact this is the real wisdom that calculated and passing down from thousands of years ago.

The reason why Chaojimengnan has no side effect, It is because of the natural prescription. for example:

Butea superba

Butea superba comtains natural flavonoids and flavonoid glycosine with high genital vasodilating effect via the production of Nitric Oxide which promotes sexual function, sensitivity, and performance.

It well documented for it's ability to help increase sexual function, and erectile capacity.


Nardostachys chinensis

Nardostachys Chinensis has been a standard remedy since ancient times, mainly taken for improving blood circulation and promotes healthy blood pressure.
Modern research notes that its activity on the central nervous system is calming and soothing.


Studies show that epimedium raises adrenaline, noradrenaline, serotonin, & dopamine levels. The increased dopamine levels set off a chain reaction that releases testosterone, the male sex hormone.
Other evidence suggests it increases sensitivity in nerve endings, which may explain why it is prescribed as an aphrodisiac.



When every prescription become nature, chaojimengnan has become the most powerful natural enhancement without side effect, and chaojimengnan will be the best herbal enhancement.

Hope you would like to know more about Chaojimengnan………