chao jimengnan  

Chao Jimengnan ---“Herbal Viagra”


Viagra is the first medicine that specializing in stopping ED and PE in the world, and Chao Jimengnan(chaojimengnan) is the first natural herbal products curing ED and PE from China, so Chao jimengann is also praised as “Herbal Viagra” or “Natural Viagra”, or “Vegetable Viagra”.

But whatever, ChaoJimengnan is not Viagra, there is a pack of difference in property.


Sidenafil powder, Chemistry drug from the experiment.
Need doctor’s prescription
FDA warning side effect: headache, dizziness, eye turn to red and blue reaction, flush on face and long time use will lead to drug dependence.

ChaoJimengnan(chao jimengnan)

Natural herbal products, not chemistry.
No need doctor’s prescription, could be bought at super market.
There is almost no side effect, people will not feel headache or dizziness.
No drug dependence, Chaojimengnan can nourish the kidney to get rid of ED gradually, even you stop, you can have natural good erectile.

Right now more and more people are looking for the natural herbal products to replace the chemistry drug, and herbal products has became more and more popular. And Chaojimengnan is one the best.

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