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The benefit of becoming ChaoJimengnan Distributor


Chaojimengnan story series: the benefit of becoming chaojimengnan distributor

In the most popular time of chaojimengnan in south africa, Mr Ashile wants to know :"Why people are crazy on chaojimengnan? Are these small herbal pills coming from China so fantastic?" As a businessman who is running pharmacy and medication, MR Ashile want to figure it out.

Ashile go to the retail pharmacy shop and spend 15 USD to buy one pack of chaojimengnan. Mr Ashile tells us :"In fact, It is not good packing, or It is lozzy packing" Mr Ashile has been the agent for many medication in south africa and his opinion is quite right, the design is not so good, "But After I take this pills, I totally changed my idea"

Ashile said :"well, I am 45 years old. I just take one tablets, and in the coming 3 days, I find my penis never working so good. Every time when I need its support, He is just there waiting for my order, what's more important, I didn't feel any side effect and I feel so young and so confident."

About one month later, Ashile fly to China to visit our factory and discuss the agent or distributor for Africa Market. And Mr Ashile's sincerity has inspired us and now he can sell chaojimengnan to Egypt, Ghana, Zambia,Benin and Sudan.

Ashile tell us:"You asked me why I am so confident on chaojimengnan business? Well, I am running pharmacy business, and every year I can see how much money that Viagra, cialis, Levitra can make in my home town, that is huge USD$$$$$$$$$$$! Right now I have got products which is better than such products, and I have my own sales channel, How can I refuse such money??"

That is true, Mr Ashile is a rich man now. 3 years wholesale business on chaojimengnan has helped him to make money quickly than ever before, "well, My Job is quite simple,I got original chaojimengnan from China directly, and then resell to my distributor in each country, and then I can make money."

Today even Mr Ashile is sleeping, and he will not stop making money, and I mean, the huge $$$$$$$$$$. And Mr Ashile has his plan to buy a new car, that is also our dreaming car BMW7. As the manufacture, the distributor's success is our success, If we have a wish, we wish more and more distributor can make big money and live good life.

Join Chaojimengnan distributor, you will experience more than expected, please contact us.

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