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Chaojimengnan Color-Brown or Black

To protect the sole Agent's benefit in each country (south africa,middle east), The color of Chaojimengnan tablet has changed into slight black. And keep the brown color for agent only, this news has taking effective since 1st,may,2009.

Right now for China market we only provide the black tablet chaojimengnan, and this will not change in the coming 5 years.

So the Black tablet can be trade both in China or foreingn market without problem, while the brown color is for our sole agent only, the market should be South africa, middle east, and North Egypt. For the rest market, we have different color to match the requirement.

Please attention: If any supplier in China telling you they can still supply the brown color tablet, please report to us, they are making imitation of Chaojimengnan simply by putting viagra,cialis ingredient inside, such product has heavy side effect, and there are even safety problem,because most factory are underground factory without GMP document or basic hygiene condition, the government are also tracking such factory and they are the original criminal for food and drug toxicosis.

Also attention: The imitation they made has been proved to be High-dangerous products which has cause death incident in USA(2007,shangai chaojimengnan incidient) and Babardos(2008 end, 2 male suddenly die in Christmas even after taking fake herbal product), this will destory your business when such situation happen, please know this!

And this is also our official annoucement for the color of Chaojimengnan.

A lof of ChaoJimengnan wholesaler raise the same question:"Why you can't supply the brown color again, and when did this happen, and what is your reason for this?"

This is the answer to these question on chaojimengnan.