chao jimengnan  

How to carry chaojimengnan business?


Everything can be dealed when they have the real value, and so does Chaojimengnan.
Basically for chaojimengnan business, there are four styles:

  1. Chaojimengnan personal user
  2. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan) wholesaler
  3. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan)self Brand runner
  4. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan) formula based Brand Runner

Ok, Let us talk about the 4 business style one by one.

1. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan) personal user
  This happens again and again that after people take Chaojimengnan, they will throw the Viagra, cialis into garbage. The reason can be three: 1. V,C has strong side effect while chaojiemgnan doesn’t have 2. V,C is too expensive to buy from the pharmacy shop while Chaojimengnan is relatively cheaper. 3.V,C is prescription medicine while Chaojimengnan can be bought without prescription

2. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan) wholesaler or Distributor
  Once businessman find the value, they will try to maximize the value. So choosing to be one wholesaler or distributor will be the real smart way to make money quickly. So right now for almost all developed countries like USA, UK,AUSTRALIA,SOUTH AFRICA we have our agent, some country we have sole agent like South Africa who make incredible sale every year.
  The biggest reason why businessman want to join the wholesale membership is: they can make money very quickly, because customer will repeat buying Chaojimengnan once they have chance to test it. And what the wholesaler need to do is quite simple: provide the opportunity to let more people test it.

3. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan)self Brand runner
  This kind of business can be much more smarter than before. They buy Chaojimengnan blister directly from our company and then put the blister into their own design box which has been registered in the Country as food supplement or alternative medicine, and we will provide them the document to clear the custom, and all they need to do is to sell their own brand at high price. 
  Most of the wholesaler will step out and creat their own brand after they have made enough through Chaojimengnan business

4. Chaojimengnan(chao jimengnan) formula based Brand Runner
  The third way is smart, but there is one big fault is: the customer can always read the Chinese letters on the back of the blister after they buy the English box, and they will know It is Chaojimengnan tablets inside!!! So Creat your own brand based on the formula of Chaojimengnan will be the final choice If you want to make this brand famous.

   Right now we have successfully help many big customer created their own brand in their Country, and some of the brand has grown to be very famous and they can make incredible amount of money, In fact even I envy them. One of our customer can make more than 2000 USD net benefit in one day by selling the brand, so this could be the best choice for the businessman who have the real power to sell.

    If you have the potential power to develop and potential sale channel, creat your own brand based on the formula of Chaojiemngnan(chao jimengnan) will be the best choice for you.

Hope you would like to know more about Chaojimengnan………