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Chaojimengnan and Nature(Australia)

  Australia is famous for his beautiful landscape worldwide, and our visit to Australia has become very impressive, It is that time that I know something about people there who love nature deeply.

  2008, We are visiting New Zealand to discuss some coopration with the Milk supplier when China milk are facing danger on health problem. of couse, we have chaojimengnan distributor in New Zealand, after we finishe the talk, Mr Samion asked me "Why not visit Australia? people there love nature, and they have great interests on natural enhancement more than chemistry enhancement, I think chaojimengnan will have market there."

  One hours later, our plane land in Sydney and we start our travel in this beautiful city. In this city, you can see the well balance between human beings and living creature. In some small vallage that is far from city, you can see small animal taking a walk easily under the sunshine, people driving cars slowly trying not to hurt the Kangaroo, and I can even see some bradypod in the tree which is very near to our living house.

  God, I love Australia!~! In the afternoon I visit the local pharmacy shop and talk with the Manager and tell him something about Chaojimengnan, the real herbal enhancement, the manager shows great curiousity : "well, really? why we never hear about chaojimengnan before ?"

  "Well.. that is because you didn't meet me earlier." And then we leave some samples to the manager, and we ask the manager to make some test first and then let us talk whether we can prompt this products in the shop or even the network. And one day later, we make visit several pharmacy shop and communicate with them about chaojimengnan business.

  3 days later, We returned to China and please trust me, we love Australia, this is a beautiful country. people there are good hearted and are willing to help you when you are in trouble.

  In the next few days, all the pharmacy shop managers sent E-mail to me to report the feedback. People there love chaojimengnan, and some customer are asking to order right now. This is really good news from Australia, at least people there acknowledge our products.

  Right now, although chaojimengnan is still not well sold in Australia, but we do believe in the short future, people will know this brand and people begin to love this brand. and It will be a great time for people to join this distribution network.


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