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Chao Jimengnan South Africa Version

Chao jimengnan English versionChao jimengnan EN
Chao Jimengnan EN stands for Chao Jimengnan South Africa version, and this image shows the design for the South Africa market and now It has been known to many customer as the first herbal enhancement.   

Chao Jimengnan foreign style has kept the brown color not changed, and this color has specially kept for SA market only while for other market there are different color,also. The first time this design land the south africa market is in 2006, and It is not so good look,full name is "Chao jimengnan superpowerful man tablets". This name has been a little bit more obvious that this is one man stimulant, or you can say It is male enhancement.

A lot of people know this box when they travel to South africa, because Chao jimengnan can be sold there in the pharmacy shop or the super market as natural food supplement, so it is quite convenient for male customer. after the male customer take it, and they will generaly not feel any side effect. and a lot of guys know that It is the side effect that make people scare of man enhancement, every time after they take chemistry drugs, surly they find the penis can work good, but also they feel headache and dizziness, God, It is like taking a almost broken train, I know I am making movement up and down, but I feel not so high as expected before, because I have to fight with the side effect.

Then Chao jimengnan has changed this situation, almost no side effect and It is made of natural hers according to the prescription of ancient Chinese medicine which still now is something difficult to chinese people, but no matter what, It works quite good, and people like it.

Quality itself is a good advertisement, and Chao jimengnan has become more and more famous.
Still this is the basic information you should know about Chao Jimengnan.

The recommended dosage: at 30 minutes before intercourse, put the potala palace energetic capsule tablet directly into mouth, chew and swallow it with water.

It tastes slight sweet, and is absorbed very rapidly. The penis will be tumescent, enlarged and strongly potently erected. For those with hygienic purpose and no sexual activity, take on tablet daily. No side reaction, such as flushing, stuffiness of nose, increased heartbeats, nausea and abdominal pain occurs.

It will produce very marked effects just when there is any sexual stimulus, visual, auditory, olfactory or other sense organs, present within 36-72 hours, and will never fail. Furthermore, it is not affected by heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. It is used to strengthen the potency of erectile function and hygienic purpose, and the vigor is wonderful.