chao jimengnan  

Chao jimengnan(Chaojimengnan) 150mg


Whenever customer buy Chaojimengnan no matter from the pharmacy shop or the super market, when they open the box and they will see the brown tablet one side with “5 point star” and other side “150mg”.

Obviously 5 point star means Chaojimengnan provide 5 stars service to all customer, and the 150mg means the net weight of the tablet.

In Fact official announcement shows that “150mg” is not the net weight of Chaojimengnan tablet, but the effective component net weight, this is to say 150mg is the total weight of the natural herb powder inside.

So when we weight the Chaojimengnan tablet, the real weight is between 600mg -650mg. Besides the herb powder, the rest is the medicine wheat powder. And this has been the routine in the medicine industry, and rest powder is used to support the pattern of the tablet.

And it is also the same situation of capsule, so when you buy Chaojimengnan tablet and find it is not 150mg, don’t worry, you are buying the right products.


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